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2600 W Dual Motor │ 20.8 AH Battery │ Top Speed 60 Km/H │ 75 Km of range │ RGB LED Side Lighting (APP)

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Electric Scooter Battery Range Calculator

Nominal motor power (W)
Battery Voltage (V)
Battery Capacity (Ah)
Driver Weight (kg)
Avarage Driving Speed (km/h)
Stoppage Frequency
Hill Occurrences
Outdoor Temperature (°C)

The nominal power of an electric scooter motor refers to the average power it can continuously deliver during normal usage. This value, provided by the manufacturer, is used as a reference for determining the right scooter size and selecting the appropriate motor for the specific application.

On the other hand, the maximum power refers to the highest power output that the motor can provide for a short time, usually under extreme or overload conditions. This value is typically higher than the nominal power, but the motor can only sustain this level of power for a limited period before its performance starts to decrease.

To summarize, the nominal power indicates the expected power output of an electric scooter motor in regular operation, while the maximum power represents the maximum power output the motor can deliver in exceptional circumstances.

The distance calculations provided by this calculator are for reference only and cannot guarantee accuracy.

The actual distance that an electric vehicle can travel may vary based on numerous factors that the calculator may not take into account.

We recommend using the calculator as a rough guide, not as an accurate prediction of the distance your electric vehicle can travel.

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