OKAI Electric Scooters

Okai is a globally recognized brand of electric scooters, boasting over 17 years of experience in micromobility and over 1000 employees. Their story begins with one man’s passion for mechanics and scooters, and ends with a globally recognized brand striving to change urban transportation methods

Okai aims to give people around the world the opportunity for safe, easy, and fun movement through cities, campuses, and other systems. Their team is composed of experienced instructors, engineers, and experts from all over the world, working together to solve the “first and last mile” problem. With their high-quality and high-performance electric vehicles, they aim to change the present and future of transportation, leaving a positive impact instead of a large carbon footprint.

The company produces lightweight electric vehicles that meet all users’ needs. Their production capabilities are located in Asia, where they have developed innovative products that have received numerous international awards and recognition. They serve global customers from their European headquarters in Berlin, Germany, where they provide support and services to all customers worldwide.

Okai has over 100 patents in micromobility and all necessary certificates to allow users to use their vehicles in accordance with the laws of countries worldwide. This includes CE, ROHS, and many others. Through a combination of research, development, production, and supply chain, Okai is strengthening electric scooter and e-bike rental companies worldwide so that people in cities can move faster and more efficiently.

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