KAABO Electric Scooters

Kaabo electric scooters are a story of innovation and constant progress. The brand began its development in 2013 and, as a pioneer in daily mobility and a leading player in off-road riding, is now known throughout Europe, America, and Africa. Kaabo’s guiding principle is continuous improvement and innovation. A group of excellent developers from around the world constantly presents new products, currently holding patented technology in more than 24 countries.

With Kaabo electric scooters, you can enjoy unlimited freedom of riding. Each model is manually assembled to enable true freedom. No terrain poses an obstacle for Kaabo electric scooters, so you can enjoy the joy of riding freely. The Kaabo range includes three series of electric scooters: Mantis, Wolf Warrior, and Wolf King. Kaabo Mantis scooters are entry-level models among high-performance electric scooters, while the Kaabo Wolf Warrior and Kaabo Wolf King models bring even more power and capability, making them increasingly popular among users.

With continuous development and innovation, the brand will continue to evolve and set new standards in the field of electric scooters. The Kaabo electric scooter story began in 2013 as an early pioneer of daily scooters and a leading brand of off-road scooters. At its inception, the company focused on the development and production of electric scooters. After years of innovation and experimentation, the “Qibu” brand, known in English as “KAABO,” has exported to more than 30 countries and regions in Europe, America, and Africa.

As a pioneer in new intelligent transportation technology, Kaabo’s secret to success is continuous innovation. Kaabo has consistently brought together excellent developers from around the world and introduced new products. Currently, they hold patented technologies in more than 24 countries.

Kaabo products are of exceptional quality and available at competitive prices. Electric scooters are designed for riding pleasure and enable true freedom. With a Kaabo scooter, you can ride any terrain that would be impossible with a regular scooter and exceed the limits of what is possible. We guarantee that you will feel safe and enjoy every moment while riding.

The range includes models such as Mantis, Wolf Warrior, and Wolf King. You can choose from models with a few hundred watts of motor power, up to scooters with two motors and 8000 W or more power. With most models, you can also choose what type of tires you want. Road and hybrid tires are available, suitable for both road and off-road riding.

In the future, we expect even more successes and surprises from the Kaabo brand.

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