E-TWOW Electric Scooters

E-Twow electric scooters are the most powerful in proportion to their weight, which means that they are very practical for use, transportation, and storage. All E-Twow models are equipped with a brushless motor in the front wheel that produces 500 W of nominal power and 700 W of maximum power.

The E-TWOW electric scooter was developed by a group of engineers with experience in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering and is a practical solution for mobility in everyday life.

The first E-TWOW electric scooter was made in 2013, when the need for a practical solution for moving in crowded cities led to the invention of the electric scooter. At that time, the only alternatives to cars and public transportation were conventional and electric bicycles, but these were quite heavy, and in many large cities, bicycles were not allowed to be brought into the subway. The need for a smaller and lighter portable vehicle was evident.

The prototype of the E-TWOW electric scooter was tested on crowded streets in Shanghai and was a revolutionary new electric vehicle that attracted people’s attention. It was not difficult to imagine how such a vehicle could forever change the way people move in urban environments. In 2013, the first lightest E-TWOW electric scooter was made, weighing only 9.8 kg. This was the first electric scooter with a brushless electric motor in the front wheel and the first electric scooter with an electromagnetic brake and KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System).

The built-in 500W or 700W brushless electric motor develops enough power to overcome slopes up to 25° faster and easier. E-TWOW is the first electric scooter to use KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) with electromagnetic braking, so the battery’s autonomy can be increased up to 40%. When using electromagnetic braking, the DC brushless motor becomes a generator that charges the battery during braking. High torque enables fast acceleration and reaching speeds up to 46 km/h. The weight of E-Twow electric scooters ranges from 11.6 to 13.6 kg, depending on the battery.

The software used in the E-twow electric scooter maintains a perfect balance between autonomy and driving speed and focuses on efficient battery consumption. The high battery capacity allows for longer rides with the E-twow scooter, and with the powerful charger, a fully discharged battery can be charged in just 4 hours. During the ride, the environmentally friendly energy recovery system ensures that the E-twow scooter’s battery does not lose energy, while the smart battery management system precisely monitors its operation.

The E-TWOW Booster V offers a safe and comfortable ride with front and rear suspension, which provides shock absorption when riding on uneven surfaces with the E-twow scooter.

The front and rear tires of the e-twow scooter are 8 inches in size and are made of hard, durable rubber. The tires do not puncture and are easily replaceable after wear.

E-TWOW electric scooters differ from most other scooters on the market in that they have a color screen with interactive functions. The screen connects to the controller and allows the user to turn on and off additional functions (speed limit, start mode, lights) through it. In addition, it also displays the battery charge level, speed, distance traveled, and outside temperature with the e-twow scooter.

One of the best features of E-TWOW scooters is the unique folding system. The scooter can be folded with a single click on the folding handle located above the scooter’s sole. E-TWOW models are among the few scooters in the world that allow for adjustable handlebar height and folding handles. The size of the scooter is greatly reduced when folded, so you can easily carry and store it anywhere you want, under your office desk, in the trunk of your car, or take it with you on any public transport.

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